John Richardson
Special Effects Supervisor \ Miniatures on 9 Bond films



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John Richardson is an Oscar-winning special effects supervisor who has been involved in over 60 movies, including nine James Bond adventures (including the 1967 version of Casino Royale), all eight of the Harry Potter films, plus Aliens, Superman, A Bridge Too Far, Battle of Britain, Highlander II, Cliffhanger, Far and Away, Raise The Titanic ... and many, many others.


In creating the magic that inhabits and flows through these and other films, be it by means of creating huge explosions, re-creating gritty gun fights, producing futuristic gadgets, making a man fly, beheading a character, or breathing life into creatures that both amaze and haunt us, John holds a unique place in cinema history.


John has been nominated for 5 Oscars (winning one) and 9 BAFTAs (winning two).




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