Maud Adams
Andrea in The Man With The Golden Gun and Octopussy In Octopussy


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Maud was born as Maud Solveig Christina Wikstrom just below the Arctic Circle in Lulea, Sweden.

Starting her career as a model, she turned to acting in 1970 with The Boys In The Band in which – appropriately – she played a model!

A few years later, she was cast as Andrea Anders in The Man With The Golden Gun, the first of her Bond films. Her character was both “vulnerable” and a “victim” at the hands of Francisco Scaramanga (aka the titular villain, played by Christopher Lee).

Further features followed, such as Rollerball (the 1975 original), The Hostage Tower, Playing For Time and episodic tv such as Kojak, Emerald Point NAS, Hotel and Mission: Impossible before producer Cubby Broccoli offered her the title role in the 1983 Bond film Octopussy.

Whilst a couple of other actresses had made a second appearance in a James Bond film (aside from regular Miss Moneypenny) it was quite something for a supporting actress in one film to return as one of the leads in a future 007 adventure.

Both director John Glen, and Bond actor Roger Moore, were unanimous in their praise for the casting decision in Octopussy.

Post-Bond, Maud continued acting in both large screen and small screen projects: Tarzan And The Lost City, The Women’s Club, Hell Hunters, Ringer, Perry Mason … as well as appearing in many episodes of the Swedish series Vita Lógner. In 1994 she hosted Kafé Luleå – a Swedish tv series.

Maud is a brilliant linguist speaking Swedish, French, German, Italian and English.

She lives predominantly in Los Angeles with her husband Charles Rubin, but often returns to her native Sweden.

Maud remains a firm favourite with Bond fans and enjoys travelling to conventions and autograph shows. One question often asked of her is whether she appeared in A View To A Kill …a story John Glen confirmed as being fact in his autobiography. Whilst it is true that Maud visited the set of the film in San Francisco, she did not (knowingly) make a cameo in the film. Many people insist she is on one of the trams in the film, but even studying frame-by-frame on DVDs it is impossible to confirm her being there.

It is a question (or rather myth) that will no doubt circulate for many more years!


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