Philip Voss
Auctioneer in Octopussy


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Philip Voss is probably most recognisable nowadays from appearing in hit ITV sitcom Vicious, in which he plays Mason.

Though Voss is a face that’s popped up all everywhere across the years, from Doctor Who alongside William Hartnell to Octopussy, and is a regular face in Richard Curtis movies such as Four Weddings… and About Time. But he is first and foremost a theatre actor, having received plaudits for his portrayal of Shylock in the RSC’s 1998 production of The Merchant of Venice, arguably one of the definitive portrayals of the character on stage.

Having an admiration for actors both on stage and on-screen- especially as a young boy admiring Marlon Brando’s turn in On The Waterfront, Voss is a seasoned veteran with more spark and vivacity than most performers working today.

Acting in Octopussy was an absolute joy. [My scene as an auctioneer] was shot in 3 days in Pinewood Studios, and that still lives on .. . people still write to me about it, which is extraordinary!


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