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Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me & Moonraker


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Richard was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. And despite what you might think, was a perfectly normal-sized young boy until he experienced a sudden growth spurt in his teens.

Richard has been described as the ‘gentle giant’ of the film business, with his 7’ 2” frame. In fact Roger Moore said of Richard “the only things greater than his height are his heart and intelligence”.

Aside from acting, Richard is an accomplished writer and producer. In the early 90s he co-wrote and executive-produced The Giant Of Thunder Mountain. A film he brought in under-budget and ahead of schedule, and furthermore it was awarded the “Film Advisory Board’s Family Film Award Of Excellence.”

It is, however, true to say that Richard is remembered most famously as Jaws, the deadly henchman in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. His return in the second adventure was due to stunt co-ordinator Bob Simmons suggesting that as the character proved so popular, it might be wise to let him survive!

It took Richard 18 years as a struggling actor to become an overnight success with the Bond film!

Richard was originally cast as the Incredible Hulk for the tv series, though make-up problems (he is blind in one eye, and the green make-up severely irritated his good eye) saw him decline the part. However, he went on to enjoy a varied career – appearing in tv series such as The Monkees, The Twilight Zone and films such as The Nutty Professor, The Longest Yard, Barbary Coat, Silver Streak, Pale Rider (directed by and starring Clint Eastwood), Force Ten From Navarone and Happy Gilmore.

In 2002 his autobiography Making It Big n The Movies was published by Reynolds & Hearn Ltd, London.

Richard’s latest (and long-cherished) project is a biographical-novel about Cassius Clay … not the boxer Muhammad Ali but the great white anti-slavery character who ran for President at the same time as Abraham Lincoln.

“It’s an actor’s dream role, full of action, romance and even courtroom drama. It has the high drama and award potential of a Schindler’s List and all the romance of Gone With The Wind. It’s a film about a little known American hero in an era of America that is amazingly fascinating.”

Perhaps the most frequently asked question to Richard is “did those teeth hurt?”. The answer is no, but they were extremely nauseating to wear … check out his autobiography for the rest of the story, and many more!


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